Our Vision

TAYOA will be the leading organization in Tanzania devoted to building the capacity of African youth for leadership and management of socioeconomic development.

Our Mission

TAYOA's mission will be to educate, through practical experience in social enterprise, Tanzania's young people (girls and women, boys and men, up to about 30 years of age) who want to take charge of their own futures for the benefit of society and their own personal fulfillment. TAYOA will identify, encourage and facilitate mission-driven programs and businesses led and managed by Tanzania youth, so as to build their capacities for leading social change while simultaneously producing focused and leveraged outcomes for Tanzania's social, economic, and political progress.

Our Organization

Tanzania Youth Aware Trust Fund (TAYOA) is a nonprofit Tanzanian NGO, registered in November 1997 under Cap 375 of The Trustees' Incorporation Ordinance. Its office is located on the grounds of the Ubungo National Bus Terminal, a hub for long-distance buses outside Dar es Salaam. This location provides an important center for the dissemination of TAYOA's products and various other educational services.

The organization is led and managed by Mr. Peter Masika (director) and Mr. Elinaike Marti (program coordinator and Ubungo project manager). They lead and coordinate an elastic network of some 700 volunteers called the Big Brothers-Big Sisters Network for YouthConcernCareSolidarity Action. TAYOA has no employees currently, but has the capacity to add employees when necessary. TAYOA has a Board of Trustees and is advised by a Youth Advisory Board. The organization receives advice and technical help from many experts, both local and around the world, and works through reciprocal exchange of value and partnerships, in addition to volunteerism, to the extent feasible.

The coordinators and volunteers have regular, monthly participatory meetings, involving designated representatives of the Big Brothers-Big Sisters Network, to discuss reports of work in progress and to approve activities for the coming month. Annual meetings of the Board of Trustees monitor results, comparing targets with actual results.